Aviation safety

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    Report low-flying aircraft

    There are rules that say how low aircraft can fly. Flying below the minimum height might be breaking the law.

    Unless an aircraft has permission, it cannot fly:

    • lower than 1000 feet over suburban areas (such as cities and towns)
    • lower than 500 feet over other areas.

    If you think an aircraft is flying at an unsafe height, report it to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) using their online form for Low flying aircraft complaints.

    Report a safety concern

    You can also report to CASA any operations, people or organisations putting aviation safety at risk.

    Issues might include:

    • airports, aerodromes and air traffic control
    • aircraft maintenance
    • flight training
    • dangerous goods and air freight
    • drug and alcohol testing
    • flight crew qualifications and competence
    • medical standards and fitness
    • operating certificates and licences
    • safe operation of aircraft
    • other aviation safety concerns.

    To report a matter, you can:

    Report an aviation accident or incident

    All aviation accidents and incidents, no matter how minor, must be reported to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB). They are Australia's independent investigator of civil aviation accidents, incidents and safety issues.

    To report an accident or incident, you can:

    Confidential reporting option

    The ATSB also operates a confidential reporting scheme known as REPCON. You can tell the ATSB about safety concerns with assurance they will protect your identity´╗┐.

    To report safety concerns to REPCON, you can:

    Note: REPCON is not an alternative to complying with any mandatory reporting obligations under Australian law.