Aircraft noise

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    Complaints and enquiries about aircraft noise and operations help identify issues of community concern and provide opportunities for improvement. 

    Airservices Australia handles complaints and enquiries about noise from most civilian aircraft – including private and commercial aeroplanes, helicopters and aircraft operations – but not drones.

    For noise from remotely piloted aircraft (known as drones) see the drones page.

    For noise related to military aircraft see military flying activities.

    The complaint process

    If you have a complaint or enquiry about noise from aircraft, visit Airservices' Noise Complaints and Information Service (NCIS).

    They outline the various ways you can make a complaint or enquiry:

    • by submitting an online form
    • using the WebTrak noise monitoring system
    • by phone
    • in writing.

    While the NCIS can provide information in response to complaints, they cannot stop operations and change where aircraft fly.

    WebTrak noise monitoring

    Airservices online system, WebTrak, shows information about aircraft movements around eight major Australian airports.

    Using WebTrak you can:

    • check visual data of aircraft noise from three months to 40 minutes earlier
    • display an aircraft’s flight path in relation to your home
    • locate your street address to show where your home is on the WebTrak map
    • see noise levels of individual aircraft and view information. Such as the:
      • identification code for a flight
      • aircraft type
      • height (altitude) of an aircraft
      • departure airport of an aircraft
      • destination airport for an aircraft.
    • submit complaints about specific flights.


    For noise related to military aircraft see military flying activities. For noise from remotely piloted aircraft (known as drones) see the drones page.

    Aircraft Noise Ombudsman

    For complaints about noise from aircraft operations, you must make a complaint to Airservices as your first step and wait for the outcome of that process.

    If you are not satisfied with outcome or how your complaint was handled by Airservices, you can request an independent review by the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman.

    The Ombudsman can independently review how Airservices handles complaints made about aircraft noise. This includes complaints related to community engagement and the presentation and distribution of information about aircraft noise.