Aviation industry regulator (CASA)

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    The civil aviation industry in Australia is regulated by a government body - the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

    The regulator, CASA, promotes safety awareness across the aviation industry and oversees licencing, aircraft registration and certifications. CASA also makes sure that the aviation community follows the civil aviation laws and standards.

    You can complain about:

    • decisions and administrative actions made by CASA
    • services provided by CASA
    • the behaviour of their staff, delegates or authorised persons.

    The complaints process

    The first step is to try to resolve the matter directly with CASA. Contact the regulator using the CASA online complaints form.

    You can also make a complaint directly to the Industry Complaints Commissioner. The Office of the Commissioner investigates these complaints to determine if the behaviour of CASA was wrong, unjust, unlawful, discriminatory or unfair.

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