Airline customer service

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    Advice on this page is for customer service from major airlines operating Australian domestic flights.

    If you have a problem with customer service from an international airline, you need to contact the airline operator directly to make a complaint.

    The complaint process

    For any issues with customer service, you must first contact the airline to make a complaint and wait for the outcome. Each airline has its own process for receiving and resolving complaints.

    Common complaints include:

    • baggage services
    • cancellations
    • flight delays
    • refunds.

    Each airline listed above has a customer charter. These charters outline the service standards you can expect from the airline when you choose to use them.

    Airline customer advocate

    If you are unsatisfied with how the airline settles your complaint, you can contact the Airline Customer Advocate (ACA).

    The ACA provides an independent service to customers of Australian domestic airlines. They may be able to help resolve your complaint with Jetstar, Qantas, Regional Express or Virgin Australia.

    You must have:

    • already tried to resolve your complaint directly with the airline
    • allowed the airline time to resolve your issue.

    Visit the ACA website to find out if they can help you