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Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) exam requirements

Candidates applying for an RPL must pass the RPLA or RPLH exam, relevant for their category, as per CASR Part 61.475 (2) (a). Those RPL holders wishing to add a Navigation Endorsement are required to pass the RPLN exam as per CASR 61.495 (2) (a) and the Part 61 MOS, Schedule 4.

Any application for an RPL licence received after 1 January 2019, where the applicant does not hold a pass in either RPLA or RPLH (as appropriate) on CASA records, will be returned to the applicant. Passes for the old BAK(A) or BAK(H) do not satisfy the exam requirements for the issue of an RPL.

The content of the CASA RPLA/RPLH exam is as specified in Part 61 MOS with the addition of unit 1.6.1 PHFC: PPL human factors – all categories.

Each RPL exam; RPLA, RPLH and RPLN, is available through PEXO.