Military flying activities

If you believe the aircraft involved is an Australia Defence Force (ADF) aircraft, you should call 1300 DEFENCE (1300 333 3623) and ask to be connected to your local base. If you make an enquiry it will be recorded and an investigation will commence to determine if it was a military aircraft, and if the aircraft was operating within relevant procedures and guidelines. The investigation may take up to 28 days; however, in most cases you will receive a reply sooner. For more information on the location of Army, Navy and Air Force bases visit

Aircraft noise ombudsman

The Aircraft Noise Ombudsman conducts independent administrative reviews of the Airservices Australia's and Defence's management of aircraft noise-related activities. The Ombudsman also considers complaints where a member of the public is not satisfied with how the issue has been handled by Airservices Australia or Defence, provided the issue has been addressed to the agency in the first instance. Further information about the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman can be found at