Aircraft noise


Airservices manages complaints and enquiries about aircraft noise and operations through its dedicated Noise Complaints and Information Service (NCIS). The service is the Australian aviation industry's main contact point for the community on aircraft noise and related issues. Complaints and enquiries help identify issues of community concern and opportunities for delivering noise improvements for communities. Further information is available on the Airservices Australia website:


A key component of Airservices Australia’s management of aircraft noise is WebTrak. This online system displays information about where and how high aircraft fly over metropolitan areas. It shows a map of suburbs within 55km of a selected airport. You can view information about arriving and departing aircraft, from three months earlier up to just 40 minutes ago. After selecting an aircraft, you can make a complaint about that flight. You can also:

  • locate your street address to have your home location appear on the map
  • see noise levels of individual aircraft and view information about the aircraft including aircraft type, height, origin and destination
  • display an aircraft’s flight path in relation to your home
  • zoom in and out down to street level.

Operations at eight major Australian airports are covered by WebTrak. It can be accessed from Airservices Australia’s website:

How to lodge a noise complaint or enquiry

You can lodge a noise complaint or make an enquiry:

  • directly via WebTrak
  • using Airservices' online form
  • by telephoning 1800 802 584 (freecall) or 1300 302 240 (local call – Sydney)
  • by fax (02) 9556 6641
  • by mail:
    Noise Complaints and Information Services
    PO Box 211
    Mascot NSW 1460.

Aircraft noise ombudsman

The Aircraft Noise Ombudsman conducts independent administrative reviews of the Airservices Australia's and Defence's management of aircraft noise-related activities. The Ombudsman also considers complaints where a member of the public is not satisfied with how the issue has been handled by Airservices Australia or Defence, provided the issue has been addressed to the agency in the first instance. Further information about the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman can be found at

Military aircraft

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